Horror Short Review: Sightings (2017)

Andrew J.D. Robinson is an award-winning filmmaker and the founder/festival programmer of the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge. A nonprofit international filmmaking contest in which celebrity judges decide the top films and conventions screen our greatest hits. Check out the website here.

Andrew has made a number of short horror films throughout 2017 & Sightings is one of the shortest. A simple tale of a missing sister, grief & getting a call that any loved one would dread. To go into more detail would do the short a disservice especially as it’s only 2 minutes long.

Sightings 2

In the brief time the characters are on screen the over-powering sense of grief is felt by the viewer. These people are suffering & while they may not want to get that call at least they not left wondering anymore.

A highly impressive short that leaves the viewer thinking about circumstances & the surrounding story that might exist. What happened to his family? What happened to the missing sister? How will they cope?

Top stuff. Check it out yourself below.


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  • The Final Score - 8/10
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