Horror Movie Review: Death Valley: The Revenge Of Bloody Bill (2004)

Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill is a horror from a specific time period. The period where you’d be standing in a video shop checking out the new releases and this one catches your eye. You know it’s going to be low-budget trash but the that in itself just makes it seem all the more charming.

Over 82 minutes though, that charm really begins to rub off.

The movie opens with a man named Darrel (Dean N. Arevalo) finding his way to the ghost town of Sunset Valley. Stepping into a bar, he has his first encounter with the zombies of the town and makes a run for it pursed by the shambling dead. Unfortunately, he runs into the meanest zombie in the West, Bloody Bill and ends up dead.

At the same time we meet a group of college kids who are completely and utterly forgettable. The only one of note being final girl, Gwen (Chelsea Jean). They’re on the road when they get carjacked by a man called Earl (Gregory Bastien). It turns out that he is looking for Darrel who double-crossed him. So he forces the college kids to drive him to Sunset Valley.

Of course once there, they come under attack from the deadly zombies and their leader Bloody Bill!

It’s pretty full on which would be worth getting excited about if the story was half-decent but it’s not. There is some effort though to make it more watchable thanks to some decent zombie make-up and bloody moments but a lacklustre cast threatens to drag it down constantly. The highlight is Chelsea Jean as the final girl who has a big face-off with Bloody Bill.

The finale makes up for a few of the films many flaws and if you throw in a heavy metal soundtrack suddenly Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill starts to seem even more appealing!


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Death Valley: The Revenge Of Bloody Bill
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