Horror Short Review: I’m God (2020)

From writer, director and actor Philip Brocklehurst comes the horror short, I’m God. Part One of the “Confessions” trilogy. The second entry being The Demonic Surgeon From Hell (read our review of that here) and a third entry coming at a later date.

Here, the story focuses on a man (Brocklehurst) who believes he is god. It’s the sort of thing that might get you funny looks at first until you start to act like you are actually god. Then you might find yourself having to have a chat with a doctor or two.

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That’s what happened to ‘god’ and it resulted in him being declared insane and locked away in an asylum for five years. Now free, he wants his revenge on the doctor who locked him away.

Minimalist, no-budget horror that is predominantly focused on heavy atmosphere. Something accomplished by great use of lighting, shadows and filming angles. It’s easily the biggest and most impressive takeaway of the short.

Aside from that, the story is solid and told in an interesting way. Nothing ground-breaking or particularly exciting but well done for the atmosphere the short is trying to sell.

It’s a good effort but it does have some issues. Some harder to ignore then others. The music that cuts suddenly instead of fading away is jarring and the doctor’s dialogue, as he is confronted by the man he put away, is wooden as all hell. However, mostly it is the internal dialogue of this man who believes he is god. His boredom of life in heaven, his disdain for humanity, his unwavering confidence in who he is… Brocklehurst does very well here.

Which does result in a particularly delightful ending that I won’t give away. Just check it out yourself. What confession will we hear next from Philip Brocklehurst?

I'm God (2020)
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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