Album Review: Childrain – The Silver Ghost (Graviton Records)

The bond of brothers in a band can be the most powerful thing. Such a bond exists between the two brothers Ini and Iker. Together they are unleashing this energy through the music they create with their band Childrain.

Emerging from a new generation of Basque and Spanish metal bands, Childrain brings determination, quality and an immaculate live performance. Their next step is the worldwide release of their fourth album The Silver Ghost. The album will be released on the 29th of March 2019.

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Mixing progressive passages with melodic metal highs and lows, Childrain’s new album is heavy in sound but huge is scope. Think the likes of Gojira.

They get things off to an absolutely kick-ass start with the impressive rhythm and chorus of Wake the Ghost before Saviors of the Earth blows everything out of the water. A groovy beat and smashing vocals lift the spirits while encouraging us to lose our mind to it.

These guys know how to blend metal and melody perfectly and you can’t help but wonder why so many others fail to capture the imagination in quite the same way. The Valley of Hope, The Silver Walker and EON are another set that are worthy of note. Each one delivering a massive range of melodic metal that thrills and chills. It’s impossible to stop the smile spreading across your face, even if you’re the most ‘trve’ person out there.

This is an infectiously great metal album and if you need any more convincing the incredible Ten Thousand Moons and Omega are the icing on a cake. A cake that tastes as fantastic as it looks. The Silver Ghost is one of the best albums of the year, no doubts. It’s almost absurd that Childrain aren’t one of the biggest bands in metal already but this album should change that!

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Childrain – The Silver Ghost Full Track Listing:

1. Wake The Ghost
2. Saviors Of The Earth
3. The Valley Of Hope
4. Saturnia
5. The Silver Walker
6. Interstellar
7. EON
8. Ten Thousand Moons
9. Omega

Head over to Childrain’s website for more information, links to order the album and social media.

Childrain - The Silver Ghost (Graviton Records)
  • The Final Score - 10/10
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