EP Review: Warfaith – Pint of Pils (Self Released)

Warfaith is a French thrash metal band formed in 2012 by five friends who all have the same state of mind: To always have a good time!

After a debut album titled “Wise Man is Dead” (2015), the band will soon be back with a new EP, “Pint of Pils”, set to be out on March 30th.

Pils 2

“Pint of Pils is a concentrate of fun, beer and its effect, cats and zombies. There are also more serious topics such as in “Education of Life”, a song about society. Or “Vermin”, a track talking about powers and thinking heads that lead us”.

They continue: “This EP represents us. These are songs of which we are very proud, but with little touches of madness that we can hear here and there. The EP will officially be out on March 30th, save the date!”

Warfaith are an angry band and their outlet is short, punchy thrash metal. They take no prisoners with a meaty showcase of all things heavy and fast. Abyssal Night is a bloody great start, the circle-pit riffing, coarse vocals and fist in the air gang shouts really appeal.

Education of Night, Pint of Pils and Night of the Drunk then follow with just as much vehemency as what came before showing Warfaith are not just a one-trick thrash pony.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s thrash/speed metal and that is it but when it’s played with such fire and ferocity as this, what’s not to enjoy? The second half of the album doesn’t let us down either with From the Past Mistakes really going for it with wild riffing and Vermin…Outro reaching new depths of heaviness.

Bloody great.

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Warfaith – Pint of Pils Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Abyssal Night
3. Education of Night
4. Pint of Pils
5. Night of the Drunk
6. From the Past Mistakes
7. Vermin…Outro
8. Etibam

Find out more by checking out Warfaith’s Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram.


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Warfaith - Pint of Pils (Self Released)
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