Horror Short Review: The Demonic Surgeon From Hell (2020)

A surgeon, unable to live with the evil in his heart that drives him to commit unspeakable horrors, plans to put an end to his demonic existence.

Heavy on the atmosphere with a vein of hopelessness running through it, The Demonic Surgeon from Hell draws you in as it goes on. One man (Philip Brocklehurst), writing his admissions of guilt and what drove him to commit the crimes he did, in near darkness. His scribblings are read out for us to hear and they are truly as disturbing as you might expect.

Which makes the sudden showcase of gore all the more shocking. A severed penis, faces cut off, heads on display… this man is truly from Hell.

At around 11 minutes long, the short does start off slowly and to be fair, not particularly interestingly either. However, the further the story goes on, the more captivating it becomes. Suddenly you’ll find yourself listening to every word spoken and relishing the confessions of a madman.

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It’s shot nicely, low-budget but done in a way that makes it feel all the more authentic. As though the Demonic Surgeon chose us to watch him acknowledge his horrible crimes. While the haunting soundtrack adds even more atmosphere, the perfect match for the gloomy visuals.

To cap off an enjoyable short, it ends satisfyingly well too. Violent, gory and as has been the theme overall… hopeless.


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The Demonic Surgeon From Hell (2020)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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