Album Review: Laced In Lust – First Bite (Rockshots Records)

Australia’s naughty sons of Adelaide, Laced In Lust announce their signing to Rockshots Records for the release of their debut full length “First Bite” due out February 26, 2021. The debut album follows the band’s fan loved EPs “Party’s Over” (2016), “Firing Lines” (2014), and “Fire” (2012) that the band supported with tours across Australia and Europe.

Rocking and grooving away, there’s a touch of sleaze and a ton of sexiness to Laced in Lust’s sound. The rock and roll style of the band isn’t the most complex of listens but what they lose in simplicity they make up for in catchy radio ready bangers. The whole of this album could be released as singles and both the rock and mainstream crowds would eat it up.

Send your mind back to a time when rock clubs were packed to the rafters and Laced in Lust came on the speakers with the likes of Save Me, Hot Tonight, Party’s Over and Rock You. Even the most miserable person would be unable to deny the urge to get up and have a dance.

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That’s what Laced in Lust do so well and as a positive distraction from what’s going on in the world right now, it’s very praise-worthy.

…but…and this is a big but… it does spark and fail to ignite on numerous occasions. Hard In This Town, Firing Lines and Black Heart Murder are three tracks in particular that are passable at best. Foot-tappers but nothing to write home about.

The odd miss can’t overshadow just how many hits this album has overall though. Over an hour of impressive riffs, catchy rhythms and powerful singing flies by and leaves things in an upbeat and positive place.

Laced in Lust – First Bite Full Track Listing:

1. Save Me
2. Hot Tonight
3. Hard In This Town
4. Your Name
5. Firing Lines
6. Party’s Over
7. On Parole
8. I Remember When I Was Young
9. Fire
10. Rock You
11. Lip Service
12. Black Heart Murder
13. I’m Alone
14. Sun Song


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Laced In Lust - First Bite (Rockshots Records)
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