Horror Short Review: How to Make A HORROR Through Video Chat (2020)

From Matt Sears (the director of the excellent short ‘The Sky’) comes one of the most creative horrors you’ll see this year. One that takes full advantage of the lockdowns most countries have been on.

It’s title, description and intro suggest that actually what you’re about to watch is a tutorial of sorts. Which it is but also isn’t.

Clever, a little bit frightening and with an effective jump scare. This is how you make a memorable horror short with a massive amount of limitations.

Here, Matt Sears calls Chloe Fox video to go through a recent script he has sent her. He wants to make sure she understands it but she is struggling to pronounce a specific Latin word that has satanic connections. They both repeat the word over and then the lights go out in Chloe’s home.

Want to know what happens next? Check it out below yourself.

How to Make A HORROR Through Video Chat (2020)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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