Horror Short Review: The Sky (2020)

From Matt Sears (director) comes a cosmic horror short entitled ‘The Sky’. A wonderful, gorgeous, surprisingly emotional and unsettling horror.

It begins with an eerie yet gorgeous shot of two young women sitting on a hill in the country with a stormy and ominous set of clouds as the backdrop. The two girls are drinking and playing ‘never have I ever’ while drinking wine. The game ramps up when one of the girls pulls out a packet of shrooms.

It’s here that things take a darker turn one as of the girls references the shrooms distracting them and the other suggests they can’t believe that it is actually happening. The storm clouds in the distance are getting darker and darker and lightning is beginning to crash.

Never have I ever been so scared.

The tension is high and the unspoken dread that exists in the air in those storm clouds is thick. You can tell something is going to happen but what it is is completely unknown at this stage. However one thing is clear. what ever that storm is, it is not normal weather phenomenon.

To say any more than that would spoil the many surprises that the sky has. This is a horror shot made by very competent team. Well acted, well produced, well edited, lovely to look at and very effective.

The psychedelic edge is heightened by the duo taking the mushrooms. With the focus mainly being on the two characters it is their relationship that we’re supposed to be paying attention too. However the sky is a constant foreboding backdrop. Heightening the tension and the terror.

This is apocalyptic stuff and Matt Sears has given it a unique spin that draws you in and lifts you up. A fascinating horror short, what has been accomplished here is 10 odd minutes of detail that gives more then many full-length horrors do.

Check it out yourself below:

The Sky (2020)
  • The Final Score - 10/10
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