Horror Movie Review: Flesh Eating Mothers (1989)

Released in 1989, Flesh Eating Mothers is a silly horror comedy that is super low-budget & it shows.

The story sees the local stud, Roddy (Louis Homyak) sleeping his way through the lonely mothers of a small neighbourhood. Roddy has a venereal disease though, something he spreads to all his conquests turning them into flesh hungry monsters.

Flesh Eating Mothers 2

“My mother, she ate my brother.”

“Yeah, our mothers too.”

It’s up to the ‘kids’ to save the day all while trying to not become victims themselves! I say kids, but these are teens being played by actors in the late 20s/early 30s. It’s just one of the ‘head-shaking moments’ in a movie that could have been fun but is weighed down by poor effects, rubbish plot & bad acting.

Flesh Eating Mothers 3

The film takes a while to really get going, held together by basic plot threads. It’s hardly clear just what is going on at first but once the mothers start getting hungry things get a slightly more interesting.

It is admirable that the film has no qualms with killing off actual kids but the effects are so bad, it’s hardly a positive. Being a low-budget 80’s horror, it’s something that could be given a bit of a pass if it wasn’t for the fact that there are many other low budget horrors around this time that are far better.

Flesh Eating Mothers 4

What really isn’t easy to overlook though is the acting. This is a rough one. Not a single memorable performance with only the cheesy, often awful dialogue entertaining.

“What are we supposed to do? Stay here and have our asses chewed out by our mothers?”

Flesh Eating Mothers is a very disappointing film. With an interesting title and a description that suggests silly horror, it should have been so much better! Inevitably it’s not though committing the ultimate sin of being fairly boring & bland.

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Flesh Eating Mothers
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