Horror Movie Review: Lake Fear 3 (2018)

The Lake Fear films haven’t been good so far. The first film in 2014 was a shocker, the sequel in 2016 was marginally better by just being wackier and now we have the third in the series.

Serving as a ‘sort of’ sequel to the original with minor connections to the second movie, Lake Fear 3 is baffling. Was it a joke? Did the Crum brothers only have about 20 minutes worth of film so decided to film most of it in slow motion?

The star is Joshua Winch who plays Remmington (who appeared in the original film). He has escaped the evil cabin but he can’t escape the demonic forces that inhabited it. They are on his trail and no matter where he goes, they’re quick to possess those around him.

Lake 5

Meanwhile Chloe (Katelynn Newberry) and Revel (Shanon Snedden) have been searching for one of the missing girls from the second movie. They end up meeting a TV show psychic who promises to use his powers to help them but before they can really get any answers, they run into Remmington and the host of demons that pursue him.

Lake Fear 3 desperately wants to be Evil Dead. From the demons possessing people, to the lead character Remmington’s supposed badass-ness. However, it doesn’t even come close and to utter the title of this movie in the same breath as the Sam Rami classic would be an insult.

Lake 3

The characters are bad. Poorly written idiots played by actors who can’t act. It’s as simple as that sadly. The worst of the bunch is Joshua Winch who can’t even make his characters one-liners sound convincing. Watching him and the rest of the cast stink up the screen would be bad enough if Lake Fear 3 moved at a normal pace but it doesn’t.

For reasons that defy logic, almost every action regardless of how mundane, is shot in slow motion. It makes Lake Fear 3 all the more agonising to watch and the most blatant attempt to extend the run time we’ve ever seen.

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Good effects maybe? Not a chance. While it is gory, it’s unconvincing gore. More akin to school film project then a legitimate horror film.

For the love of all that is holy, let this be the last Lake Fear film in the series. It’s been atrocious from the start and isn’t getting any better. Avoid the torture that is Lake Fear 3 but if you do decide to watch it, put it on 2x speed.

Lake Fear 3
  • The Final Score - 2/10
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