Horror Movie Review: Lake Fear 2: The Swamp (2016)

The original Lake Fear (also known as Cyprus Creek) was an absolute mess of a film. An incoherent plot made worse by horrid visuals and jarring sounds. We hated it and you can read our review here.

Normally we’d be quick to question just how it got a sequel but after watching Lake Fear 2: The Swamp it is clear it didn’t. For starters it was originally called The Everglades Killings, a title that actually makes sense. Then there is the fact that the story literally has no connection to the original at all.

In fact, the only thing it has in common is that like the original, Lake Fear 2 also randomly jams separate scenes together and tries to call it a film.

It’s Spring Break! Woo!

Lake Fear 2 2

A group of generic youngsters are looking to party hard. You know how it goes. Lots of drinking, drugs and sex. They get talking to a barmaid (played by Linnea Quigley) who suggest they take an air boat trip out into the Florida swamps.

Wanting to do something different they find a boat manned by an elderly tour guide. Unfortunately, his age becomes a problem as once out in the swamps he has a heart attack and seemingly dies. The group are forced to make their way to a nearby cabin where they decide to carry on the party but a group of murderous hillbillies are planning on crashing it!

Lake Fear 2 3

Up until the final 5/10 minutes, Lake Fear 2: The Swamp is as generic as they come. There is no originality here at all, not such a problem if it was entertaining, well-acted or gory. However…it’s none of those things at all.

Where the film sticks out is with its dialogue. It’s fairly obvious that a lot of lines weren’t written and the actors were just given general directions of what to say. This makes so much of the dialogue sound stilted and forced as most of these actors can’t handle it.

Lake Fear 2 4

Take the kids…large portions of this film have them all talking and screaming over each other constantly. It’s absolutely horrid and you’ll be begging for their deaths just to shut them up. If they were saying anything useful you wouldn’t hear it.

Unless you consider hearing “bro” said a lot or hearing classic lines such as “write poetry with your dick” useful.

Lake Fear 2 5

While nowhere as bad as the original as at least most of this films plot makes sense, there is very little to recommend here. Then we get to the ending. So random, so out of nowhere it might as well have been taken from a separate film and stuck in here. It’s such a head-scratching moment and just when you’re expecting for something resembling an explanation, it ends. Yep, the film just ends and Lake Fear 2 ends up feeling like a colossal waste of time.

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Lake Fear 2: The Swamp
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