Horror Movie Review: Lake Fear (2014)

Lake Fear (also known as Cyprus Creek) sees four young girls head off to an isolated cabin for a weekend away. Unfortunately for them the cabin they are in is filled with all kinds of evil and soon the girls are in a desperate fight for their lives.

That’s all the story you get. The film doesn’t bother after that.

Lake Fear 2

Lake Fear’s generic start doesn’t exactly set it up well. The four girls are bare-bones characters that have little to make them standout from each other. The premise is far too familiar and when things start to go wrong, you won’t be able to shake off the feeling that Lake Fear desperately wants to be Evil Dead. Just far worse.

If all of that appeals you’re in for a shock as Lake Fear is a mess of a film. A visual and audio mess that is very difficult to follow. The plot is non-existent and once the girls are at the cabin it just turns into random events occurring over and over again. No reason, no explanation, just an assault of effects, jarring music and irritating sound effects.

Lake Fear 3

It’s no fun to watch at all. If you are able to follow along you won’t be rewarded for it. There is no explanation or satisfying conclusion. The acting is sub-standard and a lot of the dialogue is embarrassing. No-one comes out of this looking good.

The film tries to throw the blood and guts around but once again, it’s unconvincing with many of the effects falling woefully short. Lake Fear seems to think it’s doing something clever or unique here but it’s so far from that. Even with a shoe-string budget, there is no excuse for such a poorly told story. You can’t just take a load of random scenes, jam them together and call it a film.

Lake Fear 4

A waste of everyone’s time. What actually happened in Lake Fear?

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Lake Fear
  • The Final Score - 2/10
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