Album Review: Bookakee – Ignominies (Transcending Records)

Often referred to as Montreal’s answer to GWAR, progressive/technical death metal whirlwind Bookakee will release their sophomore album Ignominies on June 29th 2018 via Transcending Records.

Bookakee 2

The intensity of Bookakee mixed with the technical wizardry makes Ignominies a hell of a listen.

Monarch of the Depraved is gob-smacking in how wild it is, the title track is a ferocious number that has some clever riffs layered amongst the chaos and Bréhaigne’s guest adds some extra depth to an already death-heavy sound. Look out for the screaming guitar solo in the latter too!

What makes Ignominies a better album is that its feet might be planted within death metal but the impressive progressive elements really make it sound fresher and more unique. Look no further then the fantastic, Oculus Nebula. A track that opens with keyboard melody and just gets better from there!

Does it ever drop in quality? Not really. The highlight? Probably Mario Whirl which sees Bookakee turn the famous Super Mario Bros. theme into a raging metal track. It’s so unexpected but it is so damn good and it’s followed up by a short acoustic number that sits pretty too.

The last couple of tracks make a return to the earlier savage death metal sound. Scuillion makes a vailaint attempt to tear your face off with a super-short fiery blast, Celestial Decimation is a lengthy epic that twists and turns through a myriad of wonderous technical moments and As We Assault Empyrean ends the heaviness with a no-nonsense finish.

So impressive.

Bookakee 1

Bookakee – Ignominies Full Track Listing:

1. Monarch of the Depraved
2. Ignominies
3. Bréhaigne (feat. Julien Truchan of Benighted)
4. Oculus Nebula
5. Muliebria
6. Intermission 1
7. Mario Whirl
8. Refuge Insidieux
9. Intermission 2
10. Scullion
11. Celestial Decimation
12. As We Assault Empyrean
13. Noise

You can order the album via Transcending Records here, earlier releases via Bandcamp and find out more by liking their Facebook Page, following them on Twitter and subscribing to their YouTube Channel.


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Bookakee - Ignominies (Transcending Records)
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