Horror Movie Review: Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt (2011)

While few would have been asking for a sequel to the 1999 horror about a disembodied killer eye with a penchant for rape that’s never stopped Full Moon Pictures before. Once they have an idea they run with it, just look at some of their other franchises like Puppet Master, Killjoy, Evil Bong and The Gingerdead Man.

So in 2011 we finally got what we didn’t ask for, a sequel to The Killer Eye called Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt. You can read our review of the 1999 original here or watch the video review below.

I mean it couldn’t be any worse, could it?

Jenna (Erica Rhodes) is left with the task of setting up her family home for Halloween while her mother is away. Unable to complete it in time she decides to invite her friends over. With the promise of partying after they’re set up.

Halloween 2

After a few drinks and a little bit of dancing, the group decide to watch a movie. Which just so happens to be the original Killer Eye movie. This is where the film removes all sense of realism. As the girls find themselves entranced by the film, seemingly enjoying every second of it.

If there is ever a moment in a movie about a disembodied horny/rapey eye that makes you throw your hands up and say “this is stupid”, it’s this.

Halloween 6

While fascinated by the 1999 film, they fail to see that small replica doll of the killer eye has come to life. It’s back and it doesn’t take long to start hypnotising the girls for sexy reasons. Will they be able to fight of its sexual desires and survive the night?

Halloween 7

Happily, Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt is a better movie then the original in almost every way. While it really didn’t need to do much to top it, it still tries hard. So is far more entertaining because of that. For starters the story is far less contrived and far simpler to follow. It all takes place in one location and the cast are mostly solid. Even if they have a fair few duds in regards to dialogue.

Halloween 4

It’s a cheesy film but whereas the first film tried to be serious, this one doesn’t and it is better for it. The effects are better too but that was expected. Considering how far technology has come since 1999 even if they’re still not great. The eye just looks too fake to take seriously but a couple of deaths are well done.

Halloween 3

At only 67 minutes long, it’s over very quickly which is no bad thing. So if you’re after a short, silly, sometimes entertaining, nudity heavy horror film, Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt will deliver.

Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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