Album Review: Hidden Lapse – Butterflies (Rockshots Records)

Power-progressive metal band Hidden Lapse will unleash their sophomore album “Butterflies” on May 31st 2019 via Rockshots Records.

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The band comments on the album:

“We are all ‘Butterflies’, our lives spring into each other, too fast. This album puts us behind the eyes of eight unique anti-heroes and victims of our time, who don’t belong here though. ‘Butterflies’ is all about being trapped in recursive routines and still remaining on the outside.”

An interesting combination; power and progressive metal… you can’t help but wonder if one element would override the other. However across 9 tracks, Hidden Lapse merge the two pretty well, although it’s hardly a world-beating release.

Hyper guitar rhythm that dulls the senses, the catchy chorus and solid clean-female led vocals is what stands out on Dead Jester. It’s an ok start but nothing to get too excited by. Nor is Third which lays on the keys to the point of distracting from everything else and while they’re still heavily present in The Letter O, they’re far more palatable as the thug of the guitars is what sings here.

I want to love this album but the more it goes on, the more the sinking feeling grows. All the elements individually are fine but together they just create something that sounds so…bland. So by the numbers. Case in point, Stone Mask is a metal ballad that couldn’t be anymore boring if it tried.

A shame as there are good moments. Glitchers with its mix of synth and heavier groove. Grim Poet’s escalating guitar attack and Cruel Enigma’s punchy approach to melody and metal. Three tracks that are worth checking out.

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Hidden Lapse – Butterflies Full Track Listing:

1. Dead Jester
2. Third
3. The Letter 0
4. Stone Mask
5. Glitchers
6. Grim Poet
7. Sleeping Beauty Syndrome
8. Cruel Enigma
9. Dust

The album can be ordered via Rockshots Records here. Find out more about Hidden Lapse on Facebook.


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Hidden Lapse - Butterflies (Rockshots Records)
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