EP Review: Vader – Thy Messenger (Nuclear Blast)

Polish extreme metal veterans Vader will release a new EP titled “Thy Messenger” on May 31st this year via Nuclear Blast.

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The band comments: „We decided to record the new EP because we knew that the full length new album won’t be released before the end of 2019. We’re back on the road in June and we plan to have some new tunes ready for our fans throughout the summer. We’re due to start the recording process for the new Vader LP in April in England. For the time being we’ve named the album: „…And Then There Was Only Pain” and it should be completed by the end of May – when “Thy Messenger” EP is due to be released worldwide.

The EP includes three new tracks – mostly really vicious and aggressive tracks, even for Vader. “Emptiness” is more groovy in the main riff but really heavy at the end. All the songs are fast and short, but pretty intense, I guess. We’ve also added a new version of our classic title track from “Litany”. It is 20 years since we recorded that album at the Red Studio. “Litany” – as a song – and many more from that album have never been performed live. This album is still one of the fan favourites in the Vader discography and in 2019 we will resurrect this whole record as part of our live shows this autumn. Another bonus is the absolute classic cover of “Steeler”, which was always one of my all time favorite Priest songs.”

Making the wait for a new Vader album all the more palatable, this five-track EP is the starter as we await the main meal. It’s a long wait between courses but worth it as the starter is so rich and filling, you’ll need a little time to let it settle.

Offering us three new tracks alongside one classic re-imagined and one Judas Priest cover, Thy Messenger is well worth taking a bite into. The three new tracks showcase everything great about Vader’s vicious death metal assault. The first, Grand Deciever is classically fast and nasty, as heavy and savage as you’d hope it to be. The guitars screaming wildly and the vocals deliver a blood-thirsty level of power.

Then we have Emptiness, another example of how hard Vader can punch except here we have a bit more of groove to the riffs. It makes it seem all the more energetic even if it has an absolutely blood-curdling heavy finish.

Finally we have Despair, a super-short blast of vigour that draws from the well of Vader’s chaotic back catalogue.

Talking of which, we get a new version of the Vader classic, Litany. The original is a banger and this doesn’t change that. It perhaps lacks some of the gravitas but beyond that we have a wickedly strong companion piece to a classic.

Finally, it’s a surprisingly strong cover of Judas Priest’s Steeler to close things out. Keeping their version well in line with the original, the only thing to really take away from this is how the vocals are kept deathy but with a little more flair when it comes to Halford’s high points. A cool cover.

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Vader – Thy Messenger Full Track Listing:

1. Grand Deceiver
2. Litany
3. Emptiness
4. Despair
5. Steeler (Judas Priest Cover)

The EP can be ordered and more information found out here. It will be available via all major streaming services and shops upon release.


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Vader - Thy Messenger (Nuclear Blast)
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