Horror Movie Review: Ice Sharks (2016)

Sharks…they have become a staple of cheaply made, badly acted Sy Fy style horror/action movies. Since the surprising success of the horrible Sharknado (2013) the rise in ‘shark’ based horror movies have gone into overdrive. For some reason, the silliness of them seem to resonate with modern audiences but rarely do the result in good movies.

Ice Sharks is up there as one of the worst. Boring, plot hole ridden, badly acted & awful visual effects.

Ice Sharks 1

Ice Sharks is 75 minutes of pain.

Deep in the Arctic, a new breed of shark has arrived. Hungry for flesh & able to survive in the freezing cold conditions. A group of scientists at a research station come under attack from the sharks as they saw through the ice using their fins (this is not a joke). The station alongside everyone inside is sunk to the bottom of the ocean. With limited air, the survivors will have to fight back & somehow get the station back to the surface.

Ice Sharks 2

Where to start with this trash…

The acting is awful, not helped by some of the most forgettable characters ever seen in film. Absolutely nothing stands out, dialogue is cheesy, the drama lacking excitement or believability. When the huskies & CGI sharks have more personality then the actors, you know things have gotten bad. Absolutely no effort has been put in here.

Ice Sharks 4

The same can be said for the story & the effects. The sharks just turn up. There is no proper explanation nor is there any real effort put in to explain how these ‘normal’ looking sharks could survive in the Arctic conditions. Simply going with the ‘new breed’ of shark idea isn’t enough especially when these sharks have the ability to saw through ice with their fins!

Ice Sharks 3

These movies rely on your ability to suspend disbelief but that scene is too much. It looks so bad too. The visual effects are absolutely terrible, these sharks look extremely fake. It’s a genuine relief when the credits roll. There is so little effort put in to making this an enjoyable movie that staying awake is the real challenge.

Ice Sharks
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