Demo Review: Dekant – Trials & Tribulations (Self Released)

Released February 2017, Trials and Tribulations is a demo from the Scottish melodic black metal project Dekant.


Trials and Tribulations has a really rough & raw sound to its black metal that mixes well with the more melodic moments. The work of just one man, 2000 Weeks harder & fuzzy sounding parts keep you on your toes as the track twists & turns. Not the most digestible song on the demo but still an interesting start.

The two versions of Sweet Bird offer fascinatingly different vocal styles. The music is morose & gothic in tone but could do with being tightened up a bit more.

Being a demo, the little issues found can be overlooked especially when the core of what you’re hearing is solid & filled with plenty of potential. One such song that leaves you with that feeling is Worlds. The dark tone, the crashing of the drums, the fuzzy riffs & deeply disturbing bass tones combine to make a memorable & unhappy sounding song.

Trials and Tribulations ends on an absolute banger of a track. Ashes is a cut above everything heard so far thanks to the lighter in tone riffs & soft melody that sits in the background. A really strong finish to a definite work in progress. There is bundles of potential here though so keep a close eye on Dekant going forward.

Dekant 1

Dekant – Trials and Tribulations Full Track Listing:

1. 2000 Weeks
2. Sweet Bird (Harsh Vocals)
3. Sweet Bird (Clean-ish Vocals)
4. Worlds
5. Ashes

Head over to Bandcamp to pick up the demo now & keep up to date with all Dekant related news over on Facebook.


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Dekant - Trials & Tribulations (Self Released)
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