Horror Movie Review: Evil Bong: High-5 (2016)

Evil Bong: High-5 is a low point for Full Moon Pictures. A lazy entry in a series that has already massively over-stayed its welcome. This is the fifth Evil Bong movie, sixth if you’re counting the crossover, Evil Bong vs. Gingerdead Man and it’s still not the last.

You can read our review of the original Evil Bong here, the sequel Evil Bong 2: King Bong here and Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong here. If you’re mind hasn’t melted reading those you can also read the crossover movie, Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong here and our review of Evil Bong 420 here.

Evil Bong 2

Here, we get a rehashed, lazily told story with as many other Full Moon franchise characters thrown in for often no reason. If that wasn’t bad enough, the movie serves as one long advertisement for Full Moon collectible dolls.

The saving graces? It’s very short and keeps most of the same cast in their roles.

Opening with Larnell (John Patrick Jordan), Sarah Lee (Robin Sydney), Rabbit (Sonny Carl Davis) and all the other series ‘heroes’ stuck in the Bong World. Eebee is busy planning her world domination and the Gingerdead Man has lost his passion for murder. It looks like our heroes are stuck once and for all until Larnell manages to convince the bong to let them go back to the real world. There they will sell her special weed and earn her enough money to see through her plans.

Evil Bong 5

Eebee agrees but keeps the girls hostage until they’ve earned enough money. Once back in the real world, Larnell and Rabbit try to come up with a plan to stop her. All while a slew of stereotypical characters and Full Moon alumni come in and out of the weed shop.

It inevitably ends with our heroes escaping the clutches of Eebee and sending her and the Gingerdead Man to hell. That’s for another review though, Evil Bong: 666.

Evil Bong 3

This a tough watch, simply because it is so boring. Nothing of substance happens, it’s not funny and there is zero gore. If you’re interested in topless women then you’ll get your fair share of that but it’s lazy and the women in question barely act interested.

The biggest crime this movie commits though is just how irrelevant they have made the Gingerdead Man here.

Evil Bong 4

There’s a sort of sub-plot about him getting his heart broken and losing his edge but it’s barely there. He’s not always been the highlight of Full Moon but he has mostly entertained. Not here though, not at all.

Evil Bong: High-5 is just so damn boring.


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Evil Bong: High-5
  • The Final Score - 2/10
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