Single Slam – World War X by Carnifex (World War X)

Californian metallers, Carnifex, have released a new single, and title track, from their incoming new album, World War X.

World War X will be the San Diego based deathcore band’s seventh studio album. The first single released was called No Light Shall Save Us and featured Arch Enemy vocalist Alissa White-Gluz. World War X follows Carnifex’s 2016 release, Slow Death, and is set to drop on the 2nd of August via Nuclear Blast.

Carnifex are a 5 piece with Scott Lewis on vocals and  Shawn Cameron on drums/keys. They are the remaining founder members. Alongside them we have Fred Calderon on bass, Cory Arford on rhythm guitar and backing vocals and Jordan Lockrey on leads.

World War X

World War X, the song, is 4 and a half minutes long and is a punchy and heavy track. Starting of with samples of gunfire and a marching army, keys add a little atmospheric backing creating a black metal like intro. A vicious roar of “death to all humanity” kicks the song off proper. A slowish tempo starts us off with punishing drum depth and a slamming riff. Vocals are dark, deep and devilish. The speed kicks in for the verses that follow with hard hitting tones and thunderous drum blasts. Vocals stay venomous throughout with different tones used and plenty of alternate backing. Chuck in a wicked little solo over metallic riffing and a vicious breakdown nearing the end and Carnifex have what should be a fan favourite on their hands.

World War X is a viciously heavy track with banging riffs and impressive drums. The vocals are really strong too. The use of lots of backing and different tones adds so much to the song. The little moments of keys and samples add enough variety to make it stand out well away from the “just another deathcore song” trap. Great stuff.

World War X was produced by Carnifex and Jason Suecof (Death Angel, Chelsea Grin, Job for a Cowboy). The album was recorded and mixed by Jason at AudioHammer Studio in Sanford, Florida. Vocals for the album were tracked by Mick Kenney (Anaal Nathrakh, Bleeding Through) at The Barracks Studio in Huntington Beach, California. The album artwork was created by Blake Armstrong.

Speaking about the new album, vocalist Scott Ian Lewis said: “I think we came up with this really unique ebb and flow to all the songs that really compliments what we’re trying to do with the theme. World War X isn’t a concept album but it is a heavily themed album.”

World War X, the single, is out now on all the usual streaming platforms. You can preorder your copy of the album from Nuclear Blast here.


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World War X by Carnifex (World War X)
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