EP Review: Wolvencrown – A Shadow Of What Once Was (Clobber Records)

Three songs make up the haunting new EP from atmospheric black metallers Wolvencrown. Titled ‘A Shadow Of What Once Was’, it will be released on February 26th through Clobber Records.

Darkness seeps from the shadows and takes on a form. The form of Wolvencrown, who have emerged from the blackness to let loose a three-track EP dripping in cold and barren vibes. Three tracks of intense black metal with just a touch of melancholy about them and a much more vibrant helping of atmosphere.

The first two tracks are Part 1 and Part 2 of the title track and serve to express Wolvencrown’s intentions. As well as their clear respect for the core sound and their lack of fear in regards to pushing the atmospheric boundaries. Both tracks have the icy touch of the past but are far from hostage to it. Wolvencrown twist the haunting wind to their end and stoke the fires of metal chaos.

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Then, as warmth spreads they reveal the emotive and haunting aspect of their sound with the latter melody of Part 2 and the grandeur of Coming to An End. Very unexpected (perhaps a little too long at over 7-minutes) but still very impressive.

Wolvencrown – A Shadow of What Once Was Full Track Listing:

1. A Shadow Of What Once Was Pt. 1
2. A Shadow Of What Once Was Pt. 2
3. Coming To An End


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Wolvencrown - A Shadow Of What Once Was (Clobber Records)
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