Album Review: Xeper – Ad Numen Satanae (Soulseller Records)

Xeper formed in 2007 in Treviso, Italy by guitarist Guh.Lu, best known as former member of international bands such as Setherial, Impiety and currently bass player in the Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth since 2012.

Now Soulseller Records presents “Ad Numen Satanae”, their fourth album. It features musicians from the worldwide black metal scene, such as V. Einride (Whoredom Rife) on drums, Maelstrom on vocals and guest appearances of Blasphemer (Vltimas, ex-Mayhem), Mantus (Patria) and various others.

Rooted in the black metal sound of old but with modern touches here and there, Ad Numen Satanae is a challenging listen. A challenge because from the moment it starts, with Fiat Interitus, something just sounds kind of off. Is it the drums? The rawness of the guitars? Or the odd harmonised vocals? Thankfully, things do improve with The Hidden Genesis as Xeper dive headfirst into delivering a frenzied slice of black metal savagery.

The early questions are almost completely forgotten once Under the Will of Satan riffs kick in. Unquestionably dark and evil, even the return of brief harmonised vocals can’t detract from the quality on show here. If you love black metal that sounds epic without having an epic length, this is for you.

Though, Riding the Spiral of Lilith will deliver the epic length should your mind be ready for it. The harshest of riffs, the most scathing of vocals, the most crushing of percussion, it should be unsustainable across nine and half minutes. However, Xeper make it all seem so easy, especially when they switch things up near the end for an unexpected post-like sound change.

It’s back to the no-nonsense (mostly) blackened approach with Purity and Death, Snake That Brought the Flame and the title track. Mind you, some thrashier sounding riffs, death-infused ferocity and icy-cold melodies show that Xeper aren’t one-trick ponies.

One of 2021’s most savage listens.

Xeper – Ad Numen Satanae Full Track Listing:

1. Fiat Interitus
2. The Hidden Genesis
3. Under The Will Of Satan
4. Riding The Spiral Of Lilith
5. Purity And Death
6. Snake That Brought The Flame
7. Ad Numen Satanae


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Xeper - Ad Numen Satanae (Soulseller Records)
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