Album Review: AcidBrain – The Lust Murders (Self Released)

Under the name of AcidBrain, multi-instrumentalist Anthony Cotter has encased his spiteful and malicious imaginings in some of the most unsettling and uncompromising sounds ever unleashed. The second AcidBrain album, The Lust Murders, will slink from its filth encrusted cell on July 28th.

Well, isn’t this just horrible.

AcidBrain’s new gargantuan (16 tracks long) offering is certainly a sickening example of disorderly death and grind. Where a cacophony of noise slams you in the face so hard, everything is turned to mush. Yet, through all the broken bones, torn muscles, blood and mucus, you can’t help but smile. AcidBrain are very good at this and if extreme is your jam, then you’re going to have a blast here.

It’s instant mutilation with the horror vibes of the intro title track, the grimness of Limbless Fuckdoll 2-0, and Intestinal Noose. AcidBrain making it abundantly clear from the start that this is all about creating a feeling of revulsion. A tumultuous flareup of horrible heaviness that puts the mind on edge. Looking over the shoulder for the next disturbing track to barrel into you.

The more time spent in the company of the likes of Eyeballs and Beads, Cauterized Cunt, Cannibalistic Instinct, and Little Death, Big Death, the more twisted the mind becomes. Instead of running in fear from AcidBrain’s monstrosity, many will embrace it instead.

In fact, many other dark and sick characters have already. The Lust Murders features a bevy of guests that include Panagioti Nazgul on the egregious Vaginal Exsanguination. Martin Trafford on the grievous A-T-M-A-T-M-, Dreyden Burrows on the orgy of violence that is Blood Drunk, Ron DeCaro on a ferocious cover of Slayer’s Dead Skin Mask, and so many more.

It turns out that everyone wanted to be part of AcidBrain’s The Lust Murders and fans of the extreme should find themselves enjoying the bloody carnage too.

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AcidBrain – The Lust Murders Track Listing:

1. The Lust Murders (Intro)
2. Limbless Fuckdoll 2-0
3. Intestinal Noose
4. Eyeball Anal Beads
5. Vaginal Exsanguination (feat. Panagioti Nazgul)
6. Cauterized Cunt
7. A-T-M-A-T-M- (feat. Martin Trafford)
8. Blood Drunk (feat- Dreyden Burrows)
9. Cannibalistic Instinct
10. Guanciale di Maiale Lungo
11. Post Decapitation Irrumatio (feat. Vulvodynia & Nate Gilbert)
12. Objectified
13. Little Death, Big Death
14. Erotic Asphyxiation (feat. Dreyden Burrows & Cosmic Patterns)
15. Snuff Tape (feat. Jeffrey Neurotic)
16. Dead Skin Mask (feat. Ron DeCaro) (Slayer Cover)


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AcidBrain – The Lust Murders (Self Released)
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