EP Review: Neversaid – Bond Over Blood (Self Released)

Hotly-tipped UK emo-punk trio, Neversaid, are poised to step up with the release of their engulfing sophomore EP, Bond Over Blood, which lands on Friday 29th March, 2024.

One part emo-tastic, one part punky as f**k, and with a heavier overall sound that puts them in the camp of the likes of Knocked Loose and Thrashboat. Especially because Neversaid are taking an emphatic modern approach to the sound of emo-punk. This four-track EP is a gracious showcase of what they can do, how much energy they can exude, how infectious their sound can be, and how hard they go when its time.

It’s that hardness that really makes you sit up and take notice on the opening track, Fall Short. Especially as it has such strong emo vibes. Which makes the delinquent punk heavy sound of BITCHFIT all the more interesting. It’s a piece of music that isn’t too far away from the modern hardcore sound, and reaches stupid levels of noise come the end.

You can learn a lot about Neversaid with these first two tracks, and one of the biggest takeaways is the fact that they’re going to keep surprising.

Case in point? A more ‘traditional’ sounding emo-punk song in the form of Ghost. One that features a lovably emotive catchy chorus. Before No Father lays the ‘vibes’ that Neversaid have laid out throughout, a little more thickly. Again, it’s a wicked anthem, and shows even more of their excellently varied ways.

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Neversaid – Bond Over Blood Track Listing:

1. Fall Short
3. Ghost
4. No Father


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Neversaid - Bond Over Blood (Self Released)
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