Weekly Release Roundup – Friday 22nd March, 2024

From sludge hardcore noise, to post, to shoegaze, to tech-death, to progressive metal, to modern metalcore, to anthemic metal, it’s a big week for releases and we’ve got a list for you to check out. All these releases are out today!

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Mastiff – Deprecipice (MNRK Heavy)

Deprecipice isn’t just brilliant because it’s more Mastiff noise, it’s brilliant because it’s evolved Mastiff noise. It’s brilliant because it has so many creative ideas, feels so powerful and real, showcases everyone’s talent (including the guests), and leaves you feeling like you’ve gone ten rounds with a world class boxer.

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Artificial Language – Distant Glow (Self Released)

A very bold offering, Artificial Language take the meaning of progressive metal and give it some fine-tuning on this new EP. The end result is something quite captivating, immensely complex, and dynamic.

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Hideous Divinity – Unextinct (Century Media Records)

As boundary pushing as always, the tech-death style of Hideous Divinity continues to be like nothing else. Taking punishing heaviness and malicious technicality, then twisting it via the medium of horror, but in an enigmatic way.

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Leaves’ Eyes – Myths of Fate (AFM Records)

Leaves' Eyes Myths of Fate artwork

Myths of Fate is another top quality album from a band that have more than their fair share of skill and quality. Leaves’ Eyes have delivered an album of immeasurable power, beauty and imagination.

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Fracture Point – Act Of Malice (Self Released)

Fracture Point really do mesh hardcore and metal together nicely, and the thrashy moments of flair always put a smile on the face.

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Ghøstkid – Hollywood Suicide (Century Media Records)

There’s no creative line that Ghøstkid aren’t willing to cross, no emotion that they aren’t willing explore, and no fear of what the response to their music will be.

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Perpetua – Resurgence (Seek And Strike)

With scathing intensity, a solid amount of technicality, and with elements of anthemic metal, Perpetua’s Resurgence is undoubtedly a step forward for the Scottish metal band.

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Words of Farewell – Stories To Forget (Seek and Strike)

Words of Farewell Stories to Forget art

Words of Farewell have delivered massively with Stories To Forget. An EP of immense quality and one that showcases a band full of confidence and ready to take the world on.

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Blanket – Ceremonia (Church Road Records)

Blanket have made great efforts to not be one thing or the other. Something that is much harder than you think, but screams to the depth of creativity they have.

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Ashen Reach – The Fear (Self Released)

So, where do they stand in 2024? Even more poised for worldwide stardom, as this new EP delivers five tracks of unforgettable modern metal. Infectious head-bangers that showcase growth and improved talents when it comes to more emphatic melody and groove.

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Crushed By Waves – More To Life (Self Released)

It’s rare you hear a band sound so ‘arena’ ready on their debut album, but that’s Crushed By Waves for you. A band that completely understands what it means to be anthemic, what it means to modernise the rock sound, and how to blend genres effectively.

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Altar of Betelgeuze – Echoes (Wiseblood Records)

Doom as dark as a void in the deepest part of Hell, with death running through it like a sickly vein. Echoes is bleakness personified, alternating between a filthier style of doom and death, to the cleaner tones of a more traditional style.

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Avralize – Freaks (Arising Empire)

This is a good record; it just lacks originality in far too many areas. Avralize are one to keep an eye on though, as they have shown an impressive amount of talent with this debut. They can only get better and better.

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