EP Review: Reawacan – Pandemic Coverage & Old Schooling (Self Released)

In 2017 Reawacan was brought to life by Lacrima Christi former members Dan Krieger (vocals, guitar, bass) and Marco Gebert (drums). The name symbolizes their musical reunion. The old English word Reawacan means exactly that: reawaken!

On October 23rd, 2021 they will release their new EP, Pandemic Coverage & Old Schooling.

Made up of two covers and two brand-new tracks, the former features Motörhead and Celtic Frost. With Ace of Spades up first, a dirty and death-infused version that keeps the obvious and iconic rhythm front and centre. There’s no mimicking Lemmy’s iconic vocals obviously but Krieger does a growling version that sounds pretty damn good.

Dethroned Emperor is the other cover and it’s a track that seems to suit Reawacan much more. Chunky and mean-sounding, Reawacan nail a lot of the Celtic Frost’s unusual moments and touches.

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Chances are though, you’re here for some new music and Into Proliferation and Sad Serenade will deliver. The former, an eerie and playfully strange sounding track. It’s got death metal depth but is dominated by rumbling bass, twisted guitar and haunting vocals. A fascinating listen.

The latter is a much moodier, doom-tinged, post-inspired head-banger with an addictive and listenable quality to it. Easily the track you’ll find yourself hitting replay on, time and time again.

A fun release, the covers are fine but it’s the two new tracks that really get you excited for what Reawacan are capable of.

Reawacan – Pandemic Coverage & Old Schooling Full Track Listing:

1. Ace of Spades (Motörhead Cover)
2. Into Proliferation
3. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost Cover)
4. Sad Serenade


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Reawacan - Pandemic Coverage & Old Schooling (Self Released)
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