EP Review: Mortal Blood – Fate’s Overture (Self Released)

Gothic doom metal band Mortal Blood will release their brand-new five-song EP, Fate’s Overture, on June 29th, 2023.



Mortal Blood’s sound can be summed up as big, doomy, black and death infused metal. A sound that lands on the mind with all the force of a granite block dropped from a skyscraper. A sound that seeps into the soul and freezes the blood in the veins. It’s miserable darkness, but addictive miserable darkness.

Partially because it does have such a sense of bleakness around it. Partially because the blacker touches enhance the gothic doominess. Mortal Blood are proficient at immersing the listener in their gloom and across the five tracks, listeners will sink into their mire until there’s no sign anyone was ever there.

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Setting the bar high with the heavy and blackened tome that is the title track, the doom that Mortal Blood promises is much more prominent on Fury and Sorrow. An apt title as it goes. Mortal Blood combining fiery intensity with despondent heaviness to create a momentous monstrosity of darkness.

Something stirs, something hungry, something wicked. Mortal Blood crafting an ominous and sinister soundtrack with A Monster Approaches. Following that beastly number with the excessive coldness and fitful heaviness of A Hell Dream. While it might be the longest track on the EP at nearly eight minutes, it’s also one of the most detailed. A track that really encapsulates the creativity in Mortal Blood’s sound.

Finally, it’s something with meandering melodies, bursts of intensity, and coated in black wonder, with Empower the Warrior. A big finish to a very big EP.

Mortal Blood – Fate’s Overture Track Listing:

1. Fate’s Overture
2. Fury and Sorrow
3. A Monster Approaches
4. A Hell Dream
5. Empower the Warrior


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Mortal Blood - Fate's Overture (Self Released)
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