Single Slam: Zeal & Ardor, Wiegedood, Borderline Toxic, Exodus, Wave Break, Betraying the Martyrs, Kevin Tiah, Elimination, Omnium Gatherum and Majestica!

This week’s single slam features Zeal & Ardor, Wiegedood, Borderline Toxic, Exodus, Wave Break, Betraying the Martyrs, Kevin Tiah, Elimination, Omnium Gatherum and Majestica. You can read our thoughts about the latest singles from these bands below.

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Zeal & Ardor –  Götterdämmerung

The latest single, Götterdämmerung from Zeal & Ardor’s upcoming self-titled album has now been released.

A groovier track then we’re used too, this is Zeal & Ardor leaning right into their heaviest side but playing with melodic death metal elements. As well as making sure you know it’s Zeal & Ardor through and through with a wide array of vocals and tone shifts. It’s an absolute rager, a killer track that does something you don’t often get with this band and that’s the encouragement to head-bang. The heaviest track this band has ever produced? It might very well be. Check it out here.

Wiegedood – Nuages

As the world circles the abyss at gathering speed, Wiegedood have returned to provide a perfectly vicious soundtrack. With ‘Nuages’ they are giving a first taste of their upcoming album, “There’s Always Blood At The End Of The Road”, that is scheduled for a release on January 14th, 2022.

The band comments:

A black metal homage to Django Reinhardt. So chaotic and dissonant that the man himself would have hated it for sure.

Wiegedood are back and what a return this promises to be based off this single alone. Nuages is akin to a brick falling from the heavens right on to your head. The sudden smash, crushing pain and descent into darkness and death is reminiscent of the chaotic black metal fury that comes bubbling out of this band.

There’s one big difference though. A brick to the head from a great height will at least end your suffering quickly. Nuages is drawn out.

Borderline Toxic – Mr Obsanity

Borderline Toxic’s debut single, Mr Obsanity, is a sonic landscape that pivots around a foundation of grit, filth, and hard-hitting reality. Focusing on themes of misogyny, racial division, and exploitation. The track, which will be unleashed on the 17th of October 2021, was recorded by Henrik Fossen in Norway with Kerry Glass and Pete Ray Biggin collaborating on songwriting duties in London.

A tenacious and groovy track that is spitting impactful barbs in a super catchy way. Be drawn in by the rocking beat and punkish rhythm but stay for the lyrical content and sharp vocals. As debuts go, it hits hard and sticks in the mind. You’ll be humming that chorus for days afterwards. You will be able to check it out here upon release.

Exodus – The Years of Death and Dying

The thrash metal legends have released a brand-new track called The Years of Death and Dying taken from their upcoming new album, Persona Non Grata.

Heavy head-banging gold, this is thrash metal as it should be and Exodus continue to prove that age is but a number. Energetic, sinister, a bit filthy and very entertaining. This is a heavyweight thrash track that makes you want to do one thing and that’s head-bang yourself into oblivion. Check it out here.

Wave Break – Stop the Car

Alternative rock project Wave Break have released their new single “Stop The Car,” out on all digital platforms now. The fourth and final single off of their upcoming sophomore EP, due out this fall.

Wave Break states:

This song is about when everything in life is going wrong and feeling like you can never catch a break. I hit a pretty dark period a couple of times in the last few years because of this, and this song is about the effect of all of that on mental health.

A dynamic and energetic throwback of alternative rock music, Wave Break certainly deliver a catchy and memorable listen. The sense of being out of control, desperate for a moment to slow down and just take a breath is full realised here. This isn’t the track to help that but it does encapsulate it perfectly while being fun and animated. Check it out here.

Betraying the Martyrs – Black Hole

Betraying the Martyrs have announced their brand-new frontman Rui Martins and release new single / video ‘Black Hole’, out now via new label Out Of Line Music.

When you want to tell everyone that you’re back and in a new guise, you want to come out swinging and that’s exactly what Betraying the Martyrs do here. Melodic, heavy and hard-hitting, it’s metalcore 101 but Betraying the Martyrs are nailing and new vocalist Rui sounds phenomenal. Check out that freaking breakdown too for something that really slaps.

Kevin Tiah – Imperfections

Sydney Multi-Instrumentalist Kevin Tiah is today asking people to accept imperfections in themselves and in others with the imminent release of his new single, ‘Imperfections’. The upbeat, metalcore/rock infused track will be released on Friday October 15.

Tiah says that:

‘Imperfections’ portrays our reluctance to accept imperfections in both others and ourselves in Modern Day society. The music video exaggerates this theme through the depiction of an alien being who feels alienated from society. She goes through multiple phases including applying makeup as an attempt to look more like everyone else. As she accepts herself for who she is, she eventually stumbles across a guy who sees her beauty for who she is.

In the final scene, the guy surprises her during their meetup with a different appearance on himself. The video is left open-ended as to whether or not he artificially changed his appearance to look like her or if he had been just like her all along.

A powerful and remarkable blend of poppy singing with R&B touches and crunchy metalcore. It’s a combination that should fall flat on its face but hell, Kevin Tiah has crafted a really impressive track here. One with lyrical content that is deeply relatable and thought-provoking. It helps that his voice is smooth and easy to listen too, even when the heavier and harder metal side of his music is prominent. Check it out here.

Elimination – Disciples of the Beast

Elimination have announced a haunting new single for ‘Disciples of The Beast’. The new single is the opening track off of the new album ‘Echoes of The Abyss’, complete with a horror themed music video just in time for Halloween.

‘Echoes Of the Abyss’ is released on the 29th October 2021.

The thumping and roaring sound of Disciples of the Beast has Elimination make an immediate statement with this head-banger. Fast-paced riffing, fat hooks, overwhelming percussion and antagonistic vocals. The guitar soloing is also quite remarkable, putting it simply this is exactly the kind of head-banger it needed to be.

Omnium Gatherum – Fortitude

With ‘Fortitude’ Finnish melodic death metal masters Omnium Gatherum present their brand-new single taken off the upcoming album ‘Origin’, which will be released on November 5th, 2021 via Century Media Records.

The challenge to produce the best melo-death of 2021 isn’t over yet as Omnium Gatherum have an album to release. Based off the strength of this track, things are really going to the wire. Chunky, dark metal rhythm with a strong melodic vein running through it, this is a beautiful piece of music. Check it out here.

Majestica – Glory of Christmas

Majestica have released a new single, “Glory of Christmas” and kicked off the pre-orders for an extended version of “A Christmas Carol”.

Is it too early to enjoy this track? Of course not! It’s Majestica after all and A Christmas Carol was still getting played in the height of the Summer. An extended version of the album to enjoy this is year is very exciting and what a way to whet our appetites then with this bombastic, seasonal head-banger. A track that has all the glory and wonder we’ve come to expect with the added Christmas pomp.


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Zeal & Ardor, Wiegedood, Borderline Toxic, Exodus, Wave Break, Betraying the Martyrs, Kevin Tiah, Elimination, Omnium Gatherum and Majestica!
  • Zeal & Ardor -  Götterdämmerung - 10/10
  • Wiegedood – Nuages - 8/10
  • Borderline Toxic - Mr Obsanity - 8/10
  • Exodus - The Years of Death and Dying - 9/10
  • Wave Break – Stop the Car - 7/10
  • Betraying the Martyrs – Black Hole - 8/10
  • Kevin Tiah – Imperfections - 10/10
  • Elimination – Disciples of the Beast - 9/10
  • Omnium Gatherum – Fortitude - 9/10
  • Majestica - Glory of Christmas - 8/10