EP Review: Puppet Kings – The Mountain (Self Released)

Originally formed in Brighton but now rooted in Clapham, Stout alt-rockers Puppet Kings are making new friends and pricking ears with their infectious and driving sound that has already earned the riff merchants favourable descriptors that liken the band to everyone from Foo Fighters and Guns N Roses, through to Queens of the Stone Age and Alice in Chains.

Ever since their inception, Puppet Kings have undertaken an impressive live manifesto, which, more than ever, continues to this day. The power duo, comprising of Tomas Cochrane (Guitars, Bass and Vocals) and Harry Lehane (Drums and Vocals), are famed for delivering live shows that are ram-packed with energy and raw passion.

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As well as a keen desire for hitting the road, Puppet Kings have also released a series of well-received EPs and videos. In 2015, the band joined up with artist management company Animal Farm to produce their debut EP, Timebomb. The release was then followed up with 2017’s Very Cool and Groovy EP. The duo’s next release is their forthcoming EP, The Mountain.

The Mountain will be released on March 1st 2019.

If The Message doesn’t get your foot tapping you should probably check to see if you still have it attached. A simple yet infectious beat backed up by friendly sounding vocals goes a long way to impress. Don’t let that leave you thinking Puppet Kings are lacking in imagination though as that’s far from the case. They just happen to be able to write very catchy rock tunes.

Mountain Song does this as well but wraps it up in a country vibe that conjures up images of cowboys, hot suns and dust. It’s so easy to see and that’s thanks to the ease in which Puppet Kings paint the picture. So guitar driven but so catchy and so much fun.

The latter half of the EP doesn’t quite hit the same highs unfortunately though. Age of Austerity has a deeper and richer sound but it never fully forms even though the vocals are great. Then Bag of Bones has flashes but the guitars sound a little too familiar to get too excited even if it seems as though there is more energy in the track.

Neither track is bad, far from it but after such a strong start, they don’t quite stack up.

Puppet Kings 1

Puppet Kings – The Mountain Full Track Listing:

1. The Message
2. Mountain Song
3. Age of Austerity
4. Bag of Bones

Head over to Puppet Kings’ website for ordering links and more information. While you’re at it also check out their Facebook Page, Twitter and YouTube Channel.


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Puppet Kings - The Mountain (Self Released)
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