Single Slam: Elephant by While She Sleeps (So What?)

We were lucky enough to get hold of the latest USB with new tracks on it from UK metalcore/hardcore band, While She Sleeps. A firm favourite of GBHBL we’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of their new and fourth studio album, So What? Due to be released on March 1st 2019.

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So What? is looking like While She Sleeps most varied and ambitious album so far. Contrast what we’ve heard so far on the album to what came on This is the Six and you can certainly see they’re heading in a different direction. A lot of this is down to the vocals something that has been forced on the band as frontman Loz has had numerous throat surgeries.

This new direction seems to be dividing fans with just as many hating it as loving it. Truthfully, we’re not completely sold but have been waiting until we hear the full album to make up our mind. However, this song goes a long way to putting us well and truly back in the camp of Sleeps.

Elephant is the best track we’ve heard off So What? so far.

It begins with effects that build in volume before the drumming takes over in frenzied style. The beat immediately gets faster and heavier before the vocals and guitars really spark the track into life. Fast and aggressive, it sounds like the Sleeps of old combined with where they’re heading now. As we get a clean-vocal section followed by heaviest breakdowns heard on So What? so far.

It’s structured so well building us up then taking us down before exploding in frantic style. The group vocal segments of “everything will be ok” is a sure-fire live singalong.

Absolutely love it. This is the While She Sleeps we’ve been waiting for.

You can grab all the singles now on all the usual streaming platforms, like Apple Music and Spotify now. Pre-order your copy of So What? at the band’s website here. Keep up to date with information on the band and the new album at their website, on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.


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Elephant by While She Sleeps (So What?)
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