EP Review: Profaned – Surreal Existence (Self Released)

The Swedish duo Profaned, consisting of multi-instrumentalist Henrik Wesström and vocalist Thomas Clifford (Throne of Heresy, Abscession, CLIFFORD, etc), will release their 3-track debut, Surreal Existence on all major digital services on January 28th 2021.

Lyricist and vocalist Thomas Clifford says:

From the powerful “Prisoner of the Mind” to the doom-laden “The End of Eden” and the melancholic “Enigmatic” (which pays tribute to the achievements of WW2 hero Alan Turing), all three tracks on “Surreal Existence” give a hint of what’s to come.

We have material for at least two albums in the works and are now expanding our lineup for future live shows.

From a haunting gothic sound to a thumping beat and chugging groove, Profaned introduce us to their Surreal Existence in style. The opening track, Prisoner of the Mind has a ton of heavy guitar/drum energy but is complimented by chilling and darker segments and controlled by powerful vocals that absolutely soar through the mind.

It’s a kick-ass opener but Profaned are just getting started as The End of Eden brings even more thumping chuggy guitars to the forefront. A bit of a slower and doomier tempo gives it an even more sinister sound and the two vocal styles work alongside each other impressively.

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Finally, it is the warm melodrama of Enigmatic to wrap up a pretty damn brilliant EP. A glowing tribute to Alan Turing; the mellow keys, simple drum beat and powerful outbreaks of passion result in a classy closer.

Three tracks, each as good as the last while being different enough to leave you wanting more. Much more.

Profaned – Surreal Existence Full Track Listing:

1. Prisoner of the Mind
2. The End of Eden
3. Enigmatic




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Profaned – Surreal Existence (Self Released)
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