EP Review: Hvile I Kaos – Black Morning, Winter Green (Red Nebula)

California-based black metal chamber artist Hvile I Kaos — Norwegian for ‘to rest in chaos’ — is an abnormality in the respective worlds of extreme metal and classical music.

Self-identified as ‘black ritual chamber musick’, the project’s soundscapes defy all genres and conventions by confronting the listener with the darkest recesses of being, both within and without.

With an uncompromising ritualistic presentation, multi-instrumentalist Kakophonix readies his magick for Black Morning, Winter Green; a powerfully dark and emotional epic due out December 6th 2019 via Red Nebula.

Working off a dark blueprint of classical music, An Inviting Afterglow is anything but receding embers in a campfire on a cold night at first. However, as hope to survive the night appears to be diminishing, a miracle sees the fire begin to burn brighter and hotter.

Building and building to the point where suddenly it doesn’t feel so comforting after all. Wide eyed and afraid, the violins have the fire dancing as if possessed by something devilish. All consuming until the realisation arrives that it already has you entranced.

Taken in by the inviting afterglow of death, Grand Darkness Engulfs. Quite literally as the classical music wraps around like a shroud. Warm and soft at first, it begins to suffocate as it gets tighter and tighter.

It is all a dream though as A Shock of Winter Green reveals the fire has gone out. It is dawn and the chill is deep, all the way to the bone. All around is white with the occasional flashes of green flora and fauna. No time to admire though, survival is all that matters and for that, you have to get up and move.

Classical all the way through, it’s not a ‘metal’ album, however that is not to say it doesn’t have ‘extreme’ moments. It tells its story through mournful melodies and frantic violin playing. Something that is surprisingly effective and easy to follow along with. Certainly a unique offering.

Hvile I Kaos – Black Morning, Winter Green Full Track Listing:

1. An Inviting Afterglow
2. Grand Darkness Engulfs
3. A Shock of Winter Green




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Hvile I Kaos - Black Morning, Winter Green (Red Nebula)
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