The Best PC Horror Games

Are you a true gamer but looking for something unusual? Then you can play casino games or horror games. These are the best ones in this genre.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

This is a legendary horror game where the player will have to take control of Daniel, a young man who wakes up in a small room of a mysterious castle. He finds a note where he learns that he drank the elixir of amnesia to heal his mental trauma, and that he needs to kill the local baron, who turns out to be an alien from another world.

At the same time, everything is complicated by the fact that in the footsteps of the protagonist there is a mysterious creature Shadow. It is called to guard the Sphere, an ancient artifact that the baron took possession of to penetrate into the other world. The main feature of the game is a complete lack of combat. The player can only solve puzzles and hide from the enemies, which creates a unique atmosphere of fear.

Dead Space

Dead Space is a scary sci-fi third-person shooter with elements of survival horror. According to the story, engineer Isaac arrives as part of a rescue expedition because an SOS signal came from there. During docking, the rescue ship crashes, resulting in only a small fraction of the crew being able to survive. A parallel story reveals that the USG Ishimura is under the control of the Necromorphs, into which the dead crew mutated.

As a result, Isaac has to overcome every meter with fierce fighting, as monsters crawl literally from every crevice. A distinctive feature of the game is the weaponry of the protagonist. An atmosphere of fear and anxiety is created by music, sudden appearance of enemies and constant noise from the necromorphs. It makes you feel like someone is always around.

F.E.A.R. 3

The protagonist is an operative of the F.E.A.R. squad, a fictional special forces unit that will face an army of clone super-soldiers. Besides, the protagonist is constantly haunted by visions of a little girl named Alma. The game features an extremely elaborate AI, capable of various tactical maneuvers. For example, the opponents can go around the player from the rear in an organized manner, without making a sound. They also go to reload, use shelters and communicate with each other. So, it creates the impression of a rather complex intelligence. To make life easier for the player, the developers implemented a time-delaying mechanic, which simulates the increase of adrenaline level in the protagonist’s blood.


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