EP Review: Ikitan – Twenty-Twenty (Self Released)

Ikitan are a heavy post-rock ensemble who released a 20:20-minute musical journey EP titled ‘Twenty-Twenty’ on the 20th of November 2020.

A singular instrumental track that is 20 minutes and 20 seconds long. You can’t deny that Ikitan know exactly what they want to do. However, once you have heard Twenty-Twenty, you’ll also know that they have done an incredible job. This is a track that feels half its runtime, maybe even less, as it literally captures the imagination and transports the mind to a different realm. Where time is unimportant and all that matters is hearing every nuanced detail, experiencing every twist and turn, and having a bloody good time listening to a super-uplifting effort.

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Dominated by guitars, the sharpness and echoes that lead the fray are exemplary and give off a ‘classic’ rock vibe. However, it’s far from the only aspect that stands out. Elsewhere, the riffs have bit more of a grungy darkness to them while remaining quite groovy and super-interesting. Backed up by excellent percussion to give it all a richer and heavier edge.

Perhaps the most amazing moment comes around about the 11-minute mark when the track seems to end. However, it’s far from over as a more mellow, melodic and subtle segment takes over and builds classily towards a powerful bit of groove.

There’s no way to accurately explain every bit of detail that is going on here. You just need to hear it yourself.

Ikitan – Twenty-Twenty Full Track Listing:

1. Twenty-Twenty



Ikitan - Twenty-Twenty (Self Released)
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