EP Review: I Am Pariah – Charm Before The Storm (Self Released)

Rising British nu-metal/core band I Am Pariah will release their new EP ‘Charm Before The Storm’ on the 27th November 2020. Laser tight and razor sharp, the Stoke On Trent metal experimentalists take things to the next level with this cathartic sonic experience following the release of 2018’s successful ‘Procreate//Annihilate’.

The building techno start of the title track comes to a quick crashing halt as I Am Pariah arrive to show off their high energy nu-metal/melodic metalcore sound. It’s an intriguing start but is lacking something that really makes it memorable. There’s a ton of bark but not a lot of bite even if some of the chunkier hits of percussion perk the ears up somewhat.

Sicko has that much needed bite though with a far more sinister edge, kick-ass chorus and general super-catchy beat. Without trying too hard it seems, I Am Pariah have created a serious ear-worm of a track here. There’s something really enjoyable about the chaotic break that comes right at the end.

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The final song, Kill the Modern World is a moodier and more melodic effort. Its more ‘chilled out’ vibes is enhanced by electronica whereas it is kept rooted in the metal side of things with punchy guitars. Then out of nowhere, a wild and screeching guitar solo speeds everything up for a spell. It’s notably different to the other two tracks and can at best be described as serviceable. The sort of inoffensive noise that you’d not go out of your way to hear again but if you did, you wouldn’t mind.

It’s not quite hitting the mark. Sicko is a bit of banger, but the title track and Kill the Modern World just don’t wow.

I Am Pariah – Suck It Up Full Track Listing:

1. Suck It Up
2. Sicko
3. Kill the Modern World


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I Am Pariah - Charm Before The Storm (Self Released)
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