Game Review: Let’s Be Cops 3D (Mobile – Free to Play)

Let’s Be Cops… in the most ‘free to play’ way possible. From Kwalee Ltd comes one of the most horrifying ad-spams we’ve seen in some time. Strong words? Absolutely but more than justified as this game spits out ads at such an alarming rate, you’d think the company had forgotten that it is still supposed to be a game.

Just put your device on airplane mode though, right? Na-ah! Kwalee Ltd know exactly what you’re up too and have made it so the game will not play without an internet connection. So you have no choice but to either pay to remove ads (not worth it at all), put up with the assault or just not play it.

We totally recommend the latter as what enjoyment can be gained from ‘being a police officer’ is lost when 5 minutes of gameplay is made up of half being ads.

Right, gameplay… you take on the role of a traffic officer who can scan vehicles as they drive down the road and stop speedsters. Investigate their behaviour and you might find they’re driving without a licence, lying to you or later, carrying illegal items. Of course, you’ll also find the odd innocent person who just stepped on the gas a little too much. It’s up to you, how you deal with each one. Do you let them go, fine them or arrest them?

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Make the right choices to earn varying amounts of money that are then spent on upgrading your car or changing the look of your character. All visual and nothing that affects gameplay.

As the game goes on, more and more violations are unlocked resulting in tougher choices and harder criminals coming along. Don’t get too excited though, it all plays out in pretty much the same fashion. It won’t be long before most are bored senseless by the lacklustre offering on show here.

Normally, we’d wrap up these reviews by giving a rough suggestion about how much time you might find yourself playing it before you delete it. Let’s Be Cops isn’t going to get that treatment though. Simply because, if you make it past 5 minutes, you’re a hero. The constant interruptions for yet another ad makes it one of the worst free to play games we’ve seen in some time.

It might sound par for the course with the free to play model, and it is, yet still we have games like this, that push it just that extra step further.

Let's Be Cops 3D (Mobile - Free to Play)
  • The Final Score - 2/10
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