Album Review: Legendry – The Wizard And The Tower Keep (High Roller Records)

Formed in 2015 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Legendry play classic Epic Metal. Following their first two full-length albums, Mists Of Time from 2016 and Dungeon Crawler from 2017, the band’s third album, The Wizard And The Tower Keep will be unleashed by High Roller Records on November 1st 2019.

Mastermind Vidarr (guitars, vocals, mellotron, mandolin – and swords!) describes the new album in relation to the band’s first two records:

The Wizard And The Tower Keep is a concept album based on the novelette I wrote of the same name, published by Millhaven Press in their anthology, Fierce Tales: Savage Lands. The songs were all written in the order they appear on the album, and follow closely the source text both lyrically and musically. We wanted to take this route as a natural progression of the mystique the band has created. On Mists Of Time, only the title track follows the ‘Warrior With No Name’, and that scene is depicted on the album cover. With Dungeon Crawler, we included three tracks of this warrior’s exploits in a strange world. Now, with The Wizard And The Tower Keep, we have created a complete adventure with this central character. Musically, we have gotten a bit more complex, in terms of the song structures. We like to think of the album as an adventure, from start to finish. Compared to Dungeon Crawler, we have included more lengthy songs as well.

Call it power metal, call it epic metal, call it fantasy metal…the important word is ‘metal’. Legendry are a metal band and The Wizard and the Tower Keep is a metal album. Just one that’s a fair bit more grandiose and has some flair about it.

Keeping it rooted in folk fantasy to begin with, The Bard’s Tale is a mellow acoustic-guitar driven opener. It’s a good start even if it’s hardly gripping. That comes with the following Vindicator as Legendry show off their heavy metal credentials with a head-banger that has a real classic metal mixed with fantastical melodies sound to it. It seems fairly simple at first but shows some real strong development as it goes on. Even if the raw and classic style of recording doesn’t quite do it as much justice as it should.

It’s back to the folkier and relaxing vibe with the title track. It does build and build over its 7+ minute run but only really gets out of first gear on the final 2. By then many may have switched off mentally.

Time to switch back on though for The Lost Road. A track with a bit more urgency and fire as the bass hums and the guitars increase the tempo for a wilder and more energetic attack. It’s a long track but holds the attention enough. As does the following Sorcery’s Bane thanks to the epic feeling it delivers during its more melodic moments. Some wicked riffs also help keep this track trucking along nicely.

Behind the Summoner’s Seal is the palate cleanser before Earthwarrior and it needs to be seeing as the finale is over 10 minutes long. First though, the shorter penultimate track has such an Iron Maiden vibe about it. The ‘heavy metals’ are strong with this one.

Ultimately there’s no escaping just how ripped from the past this album feels and the rocking and rolling finale of Earthwarrior just confirms that.

Legendry – The Wizard and the Tower Keep Full Track Listing:

1. The Bard’s Tale
2. Vindicator
3. The Wizard and the Tower Keep
4. The Lost Road
5. Sorcery’s Bane
6. Behind the Summoner’s Seal
7. Earthwarrior




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Legendry - The Wizard And The Tower Keep (High Roller Records)
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