Album Review: Blackosphere – Astral Travel (Self Released)

Blackosphere is a one man melodic death metal band active from 2006. Earlier this year he released his debut Blackosphere album ‘Astral Travel’.

I’ll never fail be amazed by one-man projects/bands. To see an individual doing everything to realise his or her musical vision. Even if the release in question is utter trash, the willingness to try can be commended.

Happily the debut album of Astral Travel is not trash. Far from it in fact as what we get is a head-banger of a melo-death release beginning with the slinky rhythm of Frozen Dreams.

The metal comes in a more solid form with Mind Shadows as the beat chugs away punctuated by these wicked sounding riffs and guttural vocals. Good stuff but it’s the following Inferno that really stands out.

With a frantic pace, this snarling beauty does everything possible to make even the most sloth-like listener sit up. The guitar solo is phenomenal.

After such a high-energy number, The New Dawn calms things down with an almost instrumental style track, although you can hear the whispers in the background complimenting the wailing of guitar.

The quality of what Blackopshere has going on here doesn’t stop as we get a couple of bangers in a row. The self-titled track, Spiritual Eclipse and My Shining Comet giving variety in both pace and rhythm. Each as memorable as the last.

Talking of which…the final track, The Doom of All Liars is a gargantuan closer. One that builds and builds to the point of no return and as it takes hold you’ll release you hope that point never really comes!

Blackosphere – Astral Travel Full Track Listing:

1. Frozen Dreams
2. Mind Shadows
3. Inferno
4. The New Dawn
5. Blackosphere
6. Spiritual Eclipse
7. My Shining Comet
8. The Doom of All Liars


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Blackosphere – Astral Travel (Self Released)
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