EP Review: Garden of Eyes – Fetid.Rotted.Cursed (Necrolatry Records)

From the reeking swamp-riff bog, Garden of Eyes returns with not only a brutal new logo but a 3-track demo of odious eldritch death metal. Once more the Bloodborne/Lovecraftian inspired, HM-2 fuelled putrid extremity delivers some of the most savage music to be pulverised by.

Fetid.Rotted.Cursed will be released late March/early April via Necrolatry Records.

A very apt title, the three tracks that make up this demo are fetid, rotting and undeniably cursed.

Three tracks of filth-covered horror in the most impressionable death metal way. Raw? That’s an understatement. If this demo were a meal you’d be in hospital with food poisoning or belly-worms. You might still end up with either being your fate just listening to it.

It’s tempting to just call it a mess; however that’s not actually fair. It is messy but thanks to the dark and other-worldly vibe that emanates from it, it’s far more palatable then initially expected.

Proving once again to be at the forefront of extreme metal.

Garden of Eyes – Fetid.Rotted.Cursed Full Track Listing:

1. Fetid Offering
2. Rotted Offering
3. Cursed Offering






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Garden of Eyes - Fetid.Rotted.Cursed (Necrolatry Records)
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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