TV Series Review: Castlevania – Season 3

Did we really need this? It’s a question that many will have had going into the 3rd season of the Castlevania series. Not out of desire or a critique of the show as whole, after all it has been excellent but rather if the high quality could be sustained.

After all at the end of season 2 the main villain of the piece, Dracula, was killed. What now? His tragic story was Castlevania and with him dead, could it really carry on?

It gives us no end of pleasure to say that not only is Castlevania season 3 great but it easily survives the loss of Dracula. As good as previous seasons? Yes, and at times… even better.

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Dracula might be dead but he certainly isn’t forgotten as season 3 picks up months after the battle in his castle. The plot is spread across the remaining characters as well as introducing some new ones too. We have Alucard (voiced by James Callis) who has remained in his father’s castle and trying to live a peaceful life. Although loneliness is beginning to bother him.

Elsewhere Trevor (Richard Armitage) and Sypha (Alejandra Reynoso Agueda) have become travelling monster hunters. Going from town to town and helping the locals out with any monster problems they have. All while developing their romantic relationship.

Then we have Hector (Theo James) who is in the clutches of the vampire queen Carmilla (Jamie Murray). Held captive in her castle in her home of Styria. Along with her vampiric sisters, Carmilla wants to use Hector’s monster creating abilities to create their own army.

Finally the vengeful Isaac (Adetokumboh M’Cormack) sets out to take his revenge on humanity for the death of his master. Like a wave of destruction, him and his army of monsters will wash over all the land unless stopped.

Those are the main characters but backing them up and adding much needed depth to their stories are a myriad of new characters. We have the likes of The Judge (Jason Isaacs), Saint Germain (Bill Nighy), the brother and sister duo of Taka (Toru Uchikado) and Sumi (Rila Fukushima) plus more.

Each new character plays a pivotal role in developing the story of the main cast. Which does mean we do get some dialogue heavy, low-action episodes that slow things down quite significantly. This is forgivable though because a lot of season 3 is set-up for what may come later with Castlevania. The die has been cast and now it’s a matter of seeing where the journey takes us.

However, that doesn’t mean Castlevania season 3 is like this all the way through.

We have many action sequences, none more thrilling that the one that takes place in the final episodes. Here Castlevania season 3 is at its best visually with some of the most stunning animation you have ever seen in this show. Not only that, it gloriously sticks to its gory and adult style with plenty of blood, guts and sex for all too enjoy.

Combine all of this with an excellent set of voice actors, excellent storytelling, proper character development and it’s easy to see why Castlevania season 3 can be held up alongside its earlier seasons with ease.

It sets up so much for season 4 but still manages to be very satisfying too. We can’t wait for what comes next.


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Castlevania – Season 3
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