EP Review: Garden Of Eyes – Arcane Haze (AHPN Records)

Following the 2 track demo ‘Demo 2019’, Garden of Eyes unleash 4 brand new tracks on this crushing EP filled with more Lovecraftian/Bloodborne inspired horrors. Retaining the primal odious death metal sound of the demo, this EP has strengthened putrid soundscapes of punishing guitars, thundering bass, hammering drums and spewed vocals that will leave no dungeon unshaken.

Released on September 20th 2019 via AHPN Records, the EP ‘Arcane Haze’ also includes the two demo tracks.



Powerful death metal, so much so that it turns the stomach with the level of savagery on show. Arcane Haze is a terrifyingly primal listen. As if Garden of Eyes have just emerged from the ooze, dripping and with a hunger in their eyes that leaves you rooted to the spot through fear.

The four tracks of the EP thunder and crash through the thicket of the mind without a care for what they might be destroying or worse, unearthing. Nightmare Apostle, Celestial Larvae, Slime Scholar and the title track call to something hidden and buried deep within us all. Denying the urge to give yourself over to the hate and suffering is near impossible.

The question just keeps ringing around the mind…why deny what you enjoy? …and enjoy Arcane Haze most will. Garden of Eyes have crafted a blistering death metal performance here. The added bonus being two demo tracks that, while way rougher, certainly show their developing sound.

Garden of Eyes – Arcane Haze Full Track Listing:

1. Nightmare Apostle
2. Celestial Larvae
3. Slime Scholar
4. Arcane Haze
5. Brainsucker (Demo)
6. Celestial Minions (Demo)


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Garden Of Eyes - Arcane Haze (AHPN Records)
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