EP Review: In Flames – Down, Wicked & No Good (Nuclear Blast)

Down, Wicked & No Good is a 4-Track covers EP from In Flames. Released on November 17th 2017 via Nuclear Blast. An odd release & not exactly something we were clambering for if you read our review of the 2016 album Battles.

In Flames 2

First to get the treatment is Depeche Mode as In Flames embarrass themselves covering It’s No Good. Does it sound like Depeche Mode? Yes but remove the good production & this wouldn’t be out of place at a pub karaoke session. Anders Friden is a good singer but his style is very distinct & it just doesn’t work with the techno/electronica.

Alice in Chains’ Down in a Hole is up next & can at least be called a valiant effort. It’s no easy task to put your own stamp on such an iconic song but In Flames manage too thanks to the heavy use of a piano. Different enough to stand out on its own…just.

Continuing the different cover choices, Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game gets the In Flames treatment next. It suffers from a common problem with cover songs in that to really enjoy them you have to like the original song! It’s an alright cover of a rubbish song.

A question will keep repeating in your head as you make your way through this short EP & that question is ‘what’s the point?’ It’s not like In Flames are breathing fresh life into the songs & in some cases really not delivering anything but awkwardness. No where is that more obvious then with the final track, a terrible live rendition of Nine Inch Nails’ Hurt. A song considered to be untouchable in quality (except for Johnny Cash’s version). Having to listen to Anders Friden absolutely butcher it will go down as one of the worst things heard this year.

A pointless release. An alright cover of an Alice in Chains track does not make it worth your time.

In Flames 1

In Flames – Down, Wicked & No Good Full Track Listing:

1. It’s No Good (Depeche Mode Cover)
2. Down in a Hole (Alice in Chains Cover)
3. Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover)
4. Hurt (Nine Inch Nails Cover – Live)

Check it out yourself below via Apple Music.

In Flames - Down, Wicked & No Good (Nuclear Blast)
  • The Final Score - 2/10
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