EP Review: Blissful Stream/Lightsabres – Devil’s Night to All Souls (Medusa Crush Recordings)

Devil’s Night to All Souls is a split EP between proto-black metal band Blissful Stream & stoner-punk/alterna-grunge Lightsabres. The EP will be released on November 24th 2017 on Medusa Crush Recordings.

Blissful 1

Fallen from Grace is a sharp but groove laden start for Blissful Stream even if it’s not a particularly memorable track. Dead of Night does a much better job of getting the attention with its rock melody, simple drum beat & black metal vocals. An odd combination that works quite well all things considered. Blissful Stream’s half of the EP ends with a bang. A Vision From Below’s harsh vocals playing well with the upbeat opening before the tempo drops briefly to allow a brief slow monotone beat to take over.

Blues From The End Of A Rope gets Lightsabres started strongly. The grungy rhythm played at a punk rock pace is quite exciting even if the effect laden vocals lets it down.

The groovy slow riffs of Anyone fits the vocals far better though. The catchy beat gets the foot tapping & the head nodding nicely. The final track on the EP though is probably the most surprising as the grunge is upped to doom-like levels thanks to the heavy distorted guitars. The vocals fit this style of doom & gloom perfectly, not dominating but working well as just one element.

An accomplished track on an EP that can best be described as hit & miss. When it hits it’s pretty damn good but when it misses, it’s forgettable.

Blissful 2

Blissful Stream/Lightsabres – Devil’s Night to All Souls Full Track Listing:

1. Blissful Stream – Fallen From Grace
2. Blissful Stream – Dead Of Night
3. Blissful Stream – A Vision From Below
4. Lightsabres – Blues From The End Of A Rope
5. Lightsabres – Anyone
6. Lightsabres – Darkness On My Trail

The EP is available over on Medusa Crush Recordings’ Bandcamp. You can pick up Blissful Stream’s music via their Bandcamp & Lightsabres’ music via their Bandcamp. Keep up to date with Blissful Stream news by liking their Facebook Page & do the same for Lightsabres by liking their Facebook Page & following them on Instagram.


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Blissful Stream/Lightsabres - Devil's Night to All Souls (Medusa Crush Recordings)
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