Album Review: Hetman – Sewn From The Ashes Book (Svarga Music)

Hetman is a Ukrainian based one-man black metal project due to release Sewn from the Ashes Book on December 1st 2017 via Svarga Music.

Hetman 1

Folk & pagan inspired black metal, Hetman is all about celebrating nature & harmonious living between all. Sewn from the Ashes Book attempts to get that across through huge up-tempo black metal riffing, galvanising rhythm & hauntingly beautiful melody.

The Gateway is an inspiring start mixing a traditional metal sound with blackened edges. It’s followed by the wonderfully atmospheric The Seventh Heaven. Two quite different sounding tracks but both equally compelling to hear. Ensuring the impact that Hetman are going for is felt & then some.

The added touches of folky & pagan-esque vocals/instruments really add layers to an already impressive sounding record. How Quite on Earth! How Quite! is a particular highlight that will see you marvel at the imagination involved while systematically head-banging away.

With 8 tracks & none going less than 6 minutes, Sewn from the Ashes Book is a long album. However it does a stand-out job of keeping the attention focused on what Hetman have to say!

By time The Proud Word & to the Heart of Everyone come along you’ll be well & truly exhausted but completely satisfied. A truly special piece of music.

Hetman 2

Hetman – Sewn from the Ashes Book Full Track Listing:

1. The Gateway
2. The Seventh Heaven
3. How Quite on Earth! How Quite!
4. The Pile of Soil
5. Remember Who We Are
6. Touch the Stones in the Steppe
7. The Proud Word
8. To the Heart of Everyone

You can order the album via Svarga Music here.

Hetman - Sewn From The Ashes Book (Svarga Music)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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