Music News: Tyrannosaurus Nebulous Premiere ‘Deal With My Evil’ Music Video

The Black Country rock/metal group have overcome odds and seemingly impossible situations to deliver their anticipated debut album ‘Tyrant Lizard King’ this coming March.

Ahead of the album’s release Tyrannosaurus Nebulous have premiered a new music video for lead track ‘Deal With My Evil’.

With a driven galloping riff over a swing beat with harmonious guitars, it’s a euphoric driven listen with lyrical undertones that draw on anger, heartbreak and personal loss in the most difficult of times when everything we thought we knew, and had, changed…

‘Deal With My Evil’, written before the arrival of unprecedented circumstances two years ago, chimes with the times and highlights the difficulties some face with mental health leading to inwards negativity and how actions have consequences on ourselves and those around us. The track specifically focuses a lens on abusive, controlling and destructive natures that push people to the edge, with ultimately unimaginable, sometimes malicious, dire consequences.

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Says the band:

How much of a victim of evil do you have to be, before evil consumes you? The song explores the theme that everyone’s ‘good’ until they’re pushed over the edge. Simply put, every action has a reaction and our actions have reactions or consequences because we don’t live in a void.

‘Deal With My Evil’ paints a picture of stepping back from the brink and asks some difficult questions as we continue to live through one of the most difficult periods in recent history.

As demonstrated by this latest track, Tyrannosaurus Rex’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Tyrant Lizard King’, delivers melodic, hook laden rock with light and shade lyrics entwining between fantasy and reality. It’s a punchy release that harnesses compelling classic rock/metal vibes with a modern twist.

Tyrannosaurus Nebulous debut album,‘Tyrant Lizard King, will be released on Friday the 25th March 2022 and is available for pre-order here.


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