EP Review: Arc Arrival – C.H.A.O.S. (Self Released)

Arc Arrival are a metal band hailing from Stirlingshire, Scotland. The current line-up was completed in 2018 with new vocalist Greg Dick giving the band a different direction to their music.

A semi-final slot in Glasgow’s Metal 2 The Masses competition shortly followed giving Arc Arrival the determination to progress further, knowing that they were on the right path musically. Since the release of their single ‘Wartorn’ in April 2019, the band have been refining their style.

‘C.H.A.O.S.’ is the title of Arc Arrival’s debut EP and is set to be released on 30th October 2020. ‘C.H.A.O.S.’ is a project the band have taken to heart. Arc Arrival explain:

The current pandemic has put us in a position where we have had to record all our own parts from home rather than in a studio environment, with Mags mixing and mastering the tracks. This is Arc Arrival as DIY as it gets!

Welcome to the party, Arc Arrival. Their debut EP, their loud and in your face announcement that they’re here to have some fun and ready to cause just a little bit of trouble.

Considering this EP was recorded and completed during the chaotic 2020 is testament to Arc Arrival’s work-ethic and the payoff is five tracks of determined and ferocious metal tracks. The stompy, broken brutality of Count Havoc Among Our Sins and the increasing horror of Re:Birth get the first half off to a stonking start. The guitars are sharp and cutting, the percussion is ear-drum erupting in its intensity and the vocals are the sound of the possessed declaring the end times. Rather than fear the chaos, you’ll find yourself wanting to join in.

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(Now We Shall) is 24 seconds of goth-club electronica that just seems pointless seeing as it doesn’t really connect to the technicality and rapid-fire track, Trigger the Silence. Which in itself is such a kickass offering. Just like the final track is too. Their debut coming to a chunky and epic end with The Human Condition.

It can’t have been easy for Arc Arrival to get this done so it’s a real pleasure to find it delivering such a small collection of bangers.

Arc Arrival – C.H.A.O.S. Full Track Listing:

1. Count Havoc Among Our Sins
2. Re:Birth
3. (Now We Shall)
4. Trigger the Silence
5. The Human Condition


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Arc Arrival - C.H.A.O.S. (Self Released)
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