Album Review: Stuck Mojo – Here Come the Infidels (Stuck Mojo Music)

So apparently Stuck Mojo were huge back in the 90’s. They passed me by & having listened to their first new album since 2008 I can now only think that was a good thing. It’s 2016 & here we have a rap metal album, a bad rap metal album that wants to be Rage Against the Machine with its edginess but with lyrics more akin to Papa Roach’s early work. It doesn’t help that this new singer also sounds like the Papa Roach frontman circa Infest.

It’s bland, uninteresting & mostly embarrassing. It’s a throwback album that absolutely no-one was asking for. Even the biggest rap metal fan will struggle to find anything to enjoy here. Riffs that are taken from the nu-metal playbook, horrible shout along choruses & idiotic lyrics. Sure it’s an angry album, angry against the injustices of the world and standing up against the man but it sounds so insincere here.

“The industry’s a bitch
I’ma call her Sarah Conner
Time to terminate her
Like click, click, pow
And that’s my style”

Songs like Rape Whistle & Destroyer are cringe-worthy with their adolescent, against the man lyrics. The latter in particular is up there as one of the worst songs of the last 20 years with its horrible hip-hop stylings & terrible chorus.

This is not a ‘fuck you’ to the man, even though they planned it that way. It’s a ‘fuck you’ to anyone stupid enough to pick this up.

There are few redeeming features as even the metal side of the music is well below par. There are some songs like Worst Person on Earth where the vocals don’t even work well with the music, sounding like two different tracks.

It’s becoming the theme of 2016 that bands just can’t get away with releasing average albums let alone something as bad as this. The bar has been raised by so many fresh & new bands & while it’s not fair to compare this too something like Nails or Ghost Bath it’s still no excuse for such shite.

11 tracks of utter trash that wouldn’t have sounded good in 1999 let alone now. The worst album I’ve heard this year by far.

Overall Track List:

1. Here Come the Infidels
2. Rape Whistle
3. Charles Bronson
4. The Business of Hate
5. Verbal Combat
6. Destroyer
7. Worst Person on Earth
8. Fire Me
9. I Am Legion
10. Tambourine
11. Blasphemy


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Stuck Mojo - Here Come the Infidels (Stuck Mojo Music)
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