Album Review: Fenisia – The Spectator (Eclipse Records)

Fenisia is a modern alternative metal band based in Rome, Italy and founded in 2009. The band’s music is strongly influenced by the “deep south” sound of the American southern rock movement.

On October 30th 2020 and via Eclipse Records, they will release The Spectator. A new concept album which is named after the English newspaper published in England from 1711 to 1712, which quickly became the symbol of modern journalism. The story of The Spectator develops around the character Lord Lumieres, who is both a journalist and a man of science.

More importantly however he is a metaphor for knowledge and truth. Lord Lumieres investigates and unmasks the deceptions and lies of every plot made up by fanatic leaders of illusory cults. He is able to scan both reality and oblivion, in search of the truth.

Throughout the story, Lord Lumieres declares his ideals to the world which are born from the enlightenment philosophy. Every song on the album is an adventure and a chapter of the concept of which Lord Lumieres is the protagonist.

With one of the more unique concepts seen in some time, Fenisia are an intriguing bunch who bring a ton of heavy groove to back up their story. Delivering a catchy and pulsing 9-track rocking album.

Tearing it up with plenty of riffs to write home about, Lord Lumieres, Sky Oracle and Manifesto gets the body shaking and sets the mind alight with some good energy. The vocals help capture exactly what Fenisia are doing (on the high notes it reminds of Ozzy!) so well.

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Keeping the focus on good-time liveliness and an excitable spirit, Wake Me Up is another tick in the quality column. Eternal Cult takes it down to a more chilled out level while still having that ‘Southern’ tinge and Burned in My Brain is mellow rock ballad with a flash of intensity to make it feel grander.

The interest in what Fenisia have to offer in the latter portion of the album is still high. The grooviest of groovy tracks in Wizard of the World putting a big old smile on the face. Conspiracy Rules busting the hyperactive riffs out again and Are You Gonna Go My Way wrapping up with even more positive vibes. It’s unlikely that these final three, let alone the previous six will fail to get the blood pumping.

Fenisia – The Spectator Full Track Listing:

1. Lord Lumieres
2. Sky Oracle
3. Manifesto
4. Wake Me Up
5. Eternal Cult
6. Burned In My Brain
7. Wizard of the World
8. Conspiracy Rules
9. Are You Gonna Go My Way


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Fenisia - The Spectator (Eclipse Records)
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