Album Review: Valdur – Goat of Iniquity (Bloody Mountain Records)

Prolific in output and fierce in execution, Eastern Sierra Black/Death Metal quartet Valdur will release their new album Goat of Iniquity on October 19th 2018 on Bloody Mountain Records.

The band released this statement concerning the forthcoming album:

“Valdur – Goat of Iniquity: another chain of songs containing deep extremities and primitive, suffocating atmospheres. This is not a continuation of our previous release; this album moves backwards in a far more violent structure and sound; like a deathmetal cassette from 1988. ‘Goat of Iniquity’ was recorded by us and us alone in the Bloody Mountain Bunker, with no triggers or other redundant studio shortcuts. Vicious underground metal recorded in a live setting. Not for trendy ears! For Valdur, ‘Goat of Iniquity’ is another step deeper into the obscure halls of integrity.”

Valdur 2

The barrage of noise that Valdur create is enough to crack open the Earth’s core bringing about the end times for the entire planet. Goat of Iniquity is pure fury, pure unaltered aggression in musical form.

A mind-numbing experience but one that struggles to really do enough to stick long in the mind. The primal nature of Goat of Iniquity / Devouring the Whore of Darkness is appealing but it just lacks refinement. Even though the doomy rhythm is far more enjoyable against the faster tracks like Divine Halls of Obscurity Pt. I and II.

The uncomfortable feeling that the album gives you reaches its apex with (Iniquitous). Here the horrors truly become unleashed for 8+ minute and like the album overall it fails to really do much. In fact, it’s a bit pointless as the effects and sounds don’t offer much at all. Very disappointing.

Valdur 1

Valdur – Goat of Iniquity Full Track Listing:

1. Divine Halls of Obscurity Pt.I
2. Goat of Iniquity / Devouring the Whore of Darkness
3. Divine Halls of Obscurity Pt.II
4. Spiritual Exhaust (The Beyond)
5. Inhale the Floodgates Open
6. (Iniquitous)

You can order the album over on Bloody Mountain Records here and Valdur’s earlier releases via their Bandcamp here. Find out more by checking out Valdur’s Facebook Page.

Valdur - Goat of Iniquity (Bloody Mountain Records)
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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